They are a DJ and Producer duo from Mozambique, born in the capital Maputo. This group Ayrton (25 years old) and Hélio Massinga (20 years old). The name The Hood Brodz, is idealized through the neighborhood that saw them grow, where hope and poverty prevail, was created with the vision of raising the art and talent in neighborhoods without a high level of dreams, belief, and will to pursue something for life. Because they believe that anything is possible, they decided to create the name The Hood Brodz, which means brothers from the 'Guetho'. 

The Group starts mid 2018, when the older brother (Ayrton) who was already a DJ since 2012, decides to join the world of production with his younger brother (Helio) in 2017 that this already produced music since 2014. They start their career with a series of releases in the electronic style (Bass House), on digital platforms and some national blogs, accumulating more than 93 Thousand plays on soundcloud

however versatility has always been with them, they did not want to lock themselves in, because they felt the need to explore more the music, and bring more creativity to it. 2019 They start with a different way, entering the world of Afro House/Afro and Afro Beats, joining elements of electronic music and elements of African roots music, bringing a unique sound in the songs. Assuming that Afro brought them an air of their own identity, reaching good positions in the charts of the music selling site in the Afro House categories.

Having received support from national and international artists that help, in a way, to gain more visibility nationally and internationally. The duo of DJs has performed in some renowned parties in Maputo, such as Azgo Festival, Blackout (One Million), Mais Logo Qual é, and parties created by small neighborhood promoters and moments of celebrations.